Q. What is Halodine?

Halodine makes medical-grade products that sanitize the nose and mouth. These include two options for nasal sanitizing (nasal swab and nasal liquid) and two options for oral sanitizing (oral rinse and oral spray).

Halodine products sanitize the nose and mouth to help reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Q. Which products should I choose?

Viruses spread from the nose and the mouth, so you ideally want to be sanitizing both. Halodine Nasal Antiseptic Swabsticks and Halodine Oral Antiseptic Spray are the easiest to use on-the-go. Halodine Nasal Antiseptic Liquid Packets and Halodine Oral Rinse are the preferred choice in healthcare settings, or at home.

Q. Should I use Halodine before or after potential exposure?

Both. Halodine offers both inbound and outbound protection. Use if you expect to be in a situation where you can’t properly socially distance, or after you’ve been potentially exposed.

Q. How effective is Halodine?

Halodine products contain povidone iodine which has been used for over a century as a sanitizer for a wide variety of conditions

For more detailed scientific information about the effectiveness of Halodine, please visit the CDC website where our research is featured, or our research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Q. How often can I use Halodine?

Use of Halodine, in addition to other important measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing, can help reduce virus transmission for up to 4 hours per application.

Halodine can be used every 3-4 hours for maximum protection

Q. Is Halodine Safe?

Halodine was specifically designed to be safe for use in the nose and mouth, and its active ingredient has been used as a disinfectant for over a century. Those sensitive to or allergic to iodine, and children under 3, should not use Halodine.

Q. What about if I’m pregnant or nursing?

We recommend consulting with your physician before using Halodine.

Q. What can I expect when I use Halodine?

When using Halodine in the nose or mouth, you may notice a mild smell or taste resembling crushed seashells or salt water. There may also be a slight tingling in the nose for several seconds.

Q. Where is Halodine made?

Halodine is manufactured in the United States in compliance with US regulatory and quality standards and it is registered with the FDA.