Q. What is Halodine?

Founded by doctors and clinically-proven, Halodine is a line of medical-grade nasal and oral sanitizers specifically designed for use in the nose and mouth to help reduce the transmission of viruses & bacteria. Use of Halodine, in addition to other important measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing, can help reduce virus transmission for up to 4 hours per application.

Q. How do I use Halodine?

Halodine Nasal Antiseptic Swabstick: Hold the swabstick with your left hand so that the logo reads left to right and grip the swabstick with your thumb and forefinger at the blue strip. Then using your right hand, grab the handle and twist open the swabstick. Insert the swab comfortably into nostril and rotate around the nostril for about 15 seconds. Open a new swab and repeat on other nostril for optimal coverage.

Halodine Nasal Antiseptic Liquid Packet: Gently blow your nose to clear both nostrils and discard tissue. Open a single packet by folding along the line. To avoid spilling while opening, maintain packet with narrow end of spout pointing up. Then place the narrow end of the packet opening at the right nostril and gently pinch the left nostril. Lift chin and tilt head back squeezing out all the liquid while inhaling through the right nostril. Discard empty packet and repeat on the other nostril with new packet.

Halodine Oral Rinse: Empty contents into a small cup and add twice the amount of water for a total fill of 12ml. Swish vigorously in mouth for about 15 seconds, gargle and then spit out. Avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing mouth for at least 10 minutes after.

Halodine Oral Antiseptic Spray: Press down on the pump and spray twice into the mouth. Swish vigorously in mouth for 15 seconds and slightly tilt head back to gargle and spit out excess.

Q. Who should use Halodine?

Halodine is for anyone who is concerned about virus transmission, particularly those who are most at risk. It is especially recommended for those who work or engage in close-contact activities like schools, hotels, restaurants, travel, healthcare workers, caregiving, etc. where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Those sensitive to or allergic to Povidone-Iodine and those under 3 years old, should not use Halodine.

Q. How often should I use Halodine?

Halodine can be used every 3-4 hours for maximum protection.

Q. What can I expect when I use Halodine?

When using Halodine in the nose or mouth, you may notice a mild smell or taste resembling crushed seashells or salt water.

Q. Is Halodine safe?

Halodine was specifically designed to be safe for use in the nose and mouth. 

Q. Who developed Halodine?

Halodine was developed by a team of doctors dedicated to the prevention of spread of viruses and bacteria.

Q. Where is Halodine made?

Halodine is manufactured in the United States in compliance with US regulatory and quality standards and it is registered with the FDA.