Halodine was founded by doctors with years of experience in developing topical antiviral therapies.

At the outbreak of the pandemic, we knew these years of experience could be put to good use. We collaborated with colleagues across a variety of fields with expertise in antiseptics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology and dentistry to create safe and effective nasal and oral antiseptics that protect the public from both contracting and spreading COVID-19. Our mission is to help everyone to get back to life safely with Halodine.

Columbia University has been using Halodine to get back to work in their laboratories. Since then they have not seen a single case of COVID-19.

The story of how Darrell Green, NFL Hall of Fame cornerback, became part of the Halodine team and is helping bring sports back to America.

Masks have become a key layer of protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. But without disinfection of the nose and mouth with Halodine, they do nothing to inactivate the virus itself.

The story of Dr. Samuel Kojo Amoakohene, an immigrant to America from Ghana who contracted the virus in his practice and infected his family. Determined to find a better solution, he became one of the founders of Halodine and is leading our efforts to keep Ghana safe during that country’s upcoming elections.

How the Three D’s of the Pandemic — Diverse Exposures, Distance, Duration — should be complemented by a 4th D: Disinfection with Halodine.

A look at how Halodine has become an integral part of disinfection protocols at Plessen Ophthalmology.

How Halodine was successfully tested against the SARS-CoV-2 virus as the pandemic spread.